The TRUE Powers of Perma Banned Raratomanā€¦ EXPOSED?! šŸ˜³ The SECRET DS4 Windows Techniques YOU Weren’t MEANT to SEEā€¦

In the interest of public transparency, addressing corruption and potential fraud, we are sharing a mirrored version of a video that was previously removed by Rara. This video sheds light on exploits that can be utilized with the DS4 Windows controller software in Call of Duty games. The creator, who has been permanently banned, demonstrates how custom profiles can be set up to manipulate recoil control in ways that provide an unfair advantage to players.

Specifically, the video showcases the configuration of gyroscope scripts that lock controller inputs, resulting in zero recoil without any physical movement of the controller. Additionally, the profiles can create “anti-deadzones” that automatically counteract recoil from a certain trigger point, appearing as normal gameplay to observers.

While some prominent creators deny using these exploits, the video raises questions about whether professional players may be secretly taking advantage of them. The ultimate goal is to address these issues, rectify them, and enhance the integrity of Call of Duty competitions. Console players are also advised on how to adjust deadzone settings to slightly improve their normal recoil control.

To sum up, custom DS4 Windows profiles enable the automatic control of recoil through undetectable gyro scripts and manipulation of deadzones. These concerning exploits have the potential to undermine the intended gameplay experience if utilized. Therefore, the creator advocates for the discontinuation of the use of such profiles in Call of Duty games.