Fifakill Skips Posting VODs for Almost 10 Days! Banned!? 😲 Here are the VODs We Republished for Him

Hey, everyone! 👋 If you're a fan or lurker of Fifakill, you might have noticed something unusual over the past week. Fifakill hasn't posted any VODs from May 24th to May 31st, leaving many in the community scratching their heads. 🧐 We’ve taken the liberty of republishing his VODs for that period, so you can catch up on all the “action” you might have missed!

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What Happened?

There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter about Fifakill dealing with migraines, and some fans even speculated that he got banned during Activision’s May 28th boosting wipeout. Let's dive into what’s been going on.

The Twitter Buzz

BadBoy Beaman, a well-known but sometimes controversial figure in the community, stirred the pot on May 30th:

Fifakill swiftly responded to clear things up:

Support from the Community

Despite the controversy, many fans and fellow gamers showed their support for Fifakill:

The Skeptics

However, not everyone was convinced:

Fifakill’s Response

Fifakill addressed the claims about the deleted VODs directly:

Catch Up on Fifakill's VODs!

May 30, 2024, Fifakill said he didn't publish his VODs. But why hasn't he published them since?

✨ Remember, these videos are large files. Press play, hit pause, wait a few minutes to buffer, and then enjoy in HD. ✨

May 24th Stream

May 25th Stream

May 26th Stream

May 27th Stream

May 28th Stream

May 28th 2nd Stream

May 29th Stream

May 30th Stream

May 31st Stream