Former Warzone & Twitch Streamer Nadia Live “Banned” – End of Caldera – Sept 21 2023

Due to its large file size, the video may experience slight buffering.

We have observed a divide within the community regarding a recent video featuring Nadia. Some members argue that the video is not genuine, while others believe it to be authentic.

To address this matter and provide clarity, we have made the complete VOD accessible for review. We encourage everyone to watch the VOD and form their own opinions based on the full context.

In order to maintain a positive community atmosphere and fairness, we kindly remind everyone to engage in respectful discussions and avoid spreading misinformation or engaging in personal attacks.

Please keep in mind the importance of approaching these situations with an open mind and considering all perspectives before making conclusions. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

During Nadia's stream on September 21, 2023, she streamed for a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes. Within this time, she gained 550 new followers, averaging 103 followers per hour.

The stream had an average viewership of 5,276, with a peak of 5,804 viewers. This peak occurred at 05:40 while Nadia was playing Call of Duty: Warzone. The viewership ratio was 46%, indicating that almost half of the Twitch users who visited Nadia's stream became viewers.

Regarding the games played, Nadia spent 4 hours and 45 minutes playing Call of Duty: Warzone, which had an average viewership of 5,359. This game also garnered the most views, with 25.5K hours watched and 513 new followers.

Additionally, Nadia spent 35 minutes playing Just Chatting, which had an average viewership of 4,471. This game accumulated 2.6K hours watched and 37 new followers.