Activision’s Ranked Play Corruption: An Open Letter to a Multi-Million Dollar Company Abandoning Fairness

The blatant disregard for fair play policies plaguing Call of Duty's Ranked Play is an outrageous injustice that developer Activision continues to ignore. This willful negligence by a multi-million dollar company spits in the face of every player who grinds endless hours upholding their rules.

Activision loudly touted the Ricochet anti-cheat system as a sentinel safeguarding Ranked Play’s integrity. (APRIL 04, 2023 by Team RICOCHET Blog) Yet inflated scores from unauthorized methods still infect the leaderboards’ highest tiers. Did they really think we wouldn’t notice? Or do they simply not care about compromised competitive integrity as long as money flows in?

Either way, their inaction is unacceptable and enables ongoing exploitation by policy violators. Activision promised us approved and equitable competition, but allows these hollow vows to be trampled by a privileged few.

Meanwhile, legitimate contenders sacrifice blood, sweat, and tears advancing through authorized gameplay alone. Their rightful achievements are being robbed from them as invalid scores block their path. How can Activision be so blind to this systemic corruption that spits on honest effort?

The evidence of policy circumvention is overwhelming. Either Activision addresses this immediately with strict enforcement, or they send the message that rules don’t matter if you have the right connections. We demand action now to restore fairness before Ranked Play is reduced to a sad sham that rewards deceit over merit.

Activision, you have the power to remedy this injustice, yet choose profitable apathy instead. Your negligence has gone on long enough. We call on you to finally show some courage and calibrated moral compass. Protect the majority who play by rules, not the exploiters you coddle.

Uphold your promise of approved competition and equitable advancement through skill alone. Anything less continues an abhorrent status quo that expects users to obediently accept gross mistreatment. We will not be silent. Step up now or admit you never cared at all.

The competitive integrity you boast means nothing if you lack the spine to enforce it. Lead by example and show exploiters they cannot mock fairness under your watch. Justice delayed is justice denied. The time is now to restore ethics before Fair Play is lost forever. We have a sliver of belief in you Activision. Show us that trust is warranted.