Accused Cheater and Call of Duty “Influencer” Joewo Caught Exploiting Warzone Matchmaking

Call of Duty influencer Joewo is facing intense backlash after being caught red-handed exploiting Warzone's matchmaking system during a recent livestream. The incident has reignited long-standing suspicions about the content creator's potential use of underhanded tactics to gain an unfair advantage in Activision's hit battle royale.

During the broadcast, Joewo appeared to forget he was live as he openly employed an exploit known as “2 boxing” to manipulate Warzone's skill-based matchmaking algorithm. This allowed him to face significantly lower-skilled opponents, leading to a lopsided 30-kill gameplay session against players who seemed incapable of putting up a fight.

While reveling in the ability to “actually have fun” against overmatched combatants, Joewo acknowledged the monetary incentives driving some content creators to engage in similar matchmaking manipulation. He expressed frustration at being unable to benefit from the practice of viewers gifting subscriptions for high-kill games achieved through exploits and unconventional loadouts.

The 2 boxing tactic is an explicit violation of Activision's terms of service prohibiting cheating, boosting, or exploitation. However, it remains uncertain how long Joewo has been employing such fraudulent methods to generate highlights and inflate his stats.

This incident has resurfaced long-standing allegations of foul play surrounding the prominent Call of Duty personality. Over recent years, Joewo has faced numerous accusations of cheating, aimbot use, and other nefarious tactics from skeptical community members. While these claims were previously unsubstantiated, the latest controversy provides tangible evidence of the streamer's willingness to gain an unfair edge through exploitative means.

As an ill gotten but influential figure in the Call of Duty scene, Joewo's actions have sparked intense debate around content creator ethics and acceptable conduct. Many argue that such deceptive practices betray viewer trust and undermine the competitive integrity of public matchmaking.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of online gaming environments and the importance of maintaining a level playing field. As developers and communities grapple with curbing exploitation, high-profile cases like Joewo's alleged 2 boxing highlight the need for greater accountability and transparency from influential voices.